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  raving fans

My Favorite Session! Best Speaker Ever!

I just heard you in San Jose - you are amazing -

wish you would have talked all week.
Nova Simpson
Kaiser Permanente


PEGGY! You are so on point as usual. After meeting you
over 10 years ago your tips and tools have added to my
productivity in ways that I can't describe, only because they've
become second-nature. For those of us who've traded in our
Pony Express stop for email your type of 'cut to the chase'
training beats the heck out of plowing through manuals.
I tell everyone I know to take your teleclasses, attend your
workshops, buy your books, visit the Digital Breakthroughs
Institute and most of all LISTEN TO WHAT PEGGY SAYS!...
No. I take that back!
Make that.. DO what Peggy says!

Rick Sherrell

The only word I can say at this moment is WOW! 

This speaker just fulfilled my ROI for being here [PEC 2007].  She saved me hours of work and agony.  Phenomenal speaker – well organized,
easy to follow, funny. 
Best speaker ever!!!

Comment from MPI PEC-NA Evaluation


I learn sooooo much every time I get your emails and click through to your Website.
Carole Copeland Thomas
Keynote Speaker on Diversity

Peggy Duncan is a great, dynamic, humorous speaker with a wealth of information to LIBERATE you!
Waynette Smith
IAAP, Bermuda Chapter

This was an awesome session! Peggy is very down to earth and high energy. She makes the session [Excel Magic] fun and not high tech so we were able to learn what she was teaching us.
Deanne Esty


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation [Shameless Self-Promotion: Do-It-Yourself PR]. You made me chuckle and I learned some invaluable tips.  Thank you for a lively session of learning. I much appreciated your shared wisdom and that it was presented in an entertaining style. I would love
to work with you again in the future.

Marsha N. Segraves
Program Coordinator
Georgia Minority Business Enterprise Center
Enterprise Innovation Institute
Georgia Institute of Technology

I read your new book [Shameless Self-Promotion]
and it was fantastic. For someone who is not
professionally trained in PR you sure know your stuff.
I have already used some of your great tips to help
promote my blog and website. My favorite was
nominate yourself for an award.

Jeffrey Alexander Brathwaite
Internet Strategist, 2TheNextLevel.com

I want you to know that at my performance evaluation this year I was told that if my organizational skills did not improve, my job would be in jeopardy. I just had my mid-year review and was told that I am now an A+ performer and my boss is really pleased with my improvement. As I went through your book, I did a lot of mental head-slapping, "DUH, why didn't I think of that?!?!?" And I think it speaks to me because you've been there and you don't give me some vague theories or ideas of how to be organized -- you tell me what to do with my stuff! I'm definitely not a born organized person, but I've discovered that I CAN BE TAUGHT!

You were FABULOUS. I so enjoyed
your presentation, and I laughed and laughed
as well as learned.

Betty Spence, Ph.D., President
(NAFE) The National Association for Female Executives

I'll keep my eye out for other speaking engagements for you! I don't do this for just anyone....you are just so amazing I want to share
you with everyone I know!
You deserve all
the kudos you can get! You've helped put me
on my path of PURGING! I went home the next day
and cleaned out two of my closets even though
I was exhausted. I'm cleaning out my garage
this weekend and will be working on
my computer files as well! It's nothing I haven't
thought of or heard before. You just have a way of putting it that made me think..."this is ridiculous, she's right. It's time to stop the insanity!" I refer to
The Time Management Memory Jogger daily!

Linda Bruns
National Sales Manager, Shepard Exposition Services
From FSAE.org 2009 Annual Conference


MPI Houston Area Chapter's 2007 Professional Education Day was a huge success. Your presentation was the one that generated the most "buzz" and contributed to that success.
Rebecca "Becky" Jones, CMP, CTC
Meeting & Event Planner
Shell Oil Company


I have been to several workshops and seminars on time management, productivity and reducing stress, but your workshop was the best. I can't believe you presented so much useful information in such a short amount of time.
I hope one day I can take the complete workshop.
Pat Wheeler, Communications Director
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good


The productivity and organization tactics I learned in Peggy's seminar immediately inspired me to think differently about how I process and file information. I am now more efficient about reducing clutter on my desk and using my work time more productively. She really opened my eyes about how much time gets wasted on unproductive tasks!
Kevin L McCormick
Manager, HR and Diversity Communications
DaimlerChrysler Corporation


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you
for your
terrific presentation last week at KPMG’s first Events and Meeting Services team meeting.  I had the chance to speak with many members of my team later in the evening and it was a unanimous “thumbs-up.”  Everyone was buzzing about the shortcuts they
were going to initiate immediately when they
got back to
their offices!

Cathy Taranto
Meetings & Events, KPMG


From annual conference of the Illinois Society of Association Executives, Springfield IL, May 2007. Peggy was the only speaker for a full day of training.

This session exceeded my expectations. I learned several tips I can start using immediately, and I was inspired to learn more so I can work smarter.

Peggy - thanks for making a dry subject [time management] so entertaining. I LOVE your sassy Southern (but not country) style.

Ding Ding - Peggy did a fabulous job explaining simple improvements which will drastically change my life!


From HSMAI's Affordable Meetings, Chicago 2007, "Computer Magic! Finish Everything Six Times Faster"

Love to see Peggy, always learn a ton of great tips to go back to the office and use right away.


Peggy is fantastic! Makes computer documents fun!!

A totally delightful, informative presentation.

Great personality, very funny, passionate, wonderful speaker.

Exceptional! Bring her back - Make it a workshop.

Awesome - I could have sat in her class for all 2 days.

Peggy was a great speaker. Very knowledgeable, very interactive. Wish we had more time. Maybe should have a Part I and II.

Give Peggy more time!


From MPI Houston's 2007 Professional Education Day,
"Survive Email Overload."

Peggy is a dynamic speaker. I enjoyed her message and her presentation of material. If I could just implement 5 tips from her session my day would be much better. EXCELLENT!!!!

Fabulous speaker! I wish she had less information to share for the time given. I left on brain overload. I would have loved a whole day with just her.

Peggy kept the audience interested the entire time. Very valuable information. Would love to see her speak again.

She was funny and had great tips. I plan on buying her book in order to become better organized.


Peggy's presentation [MPI Houston] offered more tips that I can
actually use than anything else I've seen, and it only took an hour.
Michelle Lowther
National Account Manager

Great speaker. Kept it moving. Presented a lot of material and was entertaining to listen to. Funny lady! Best seminar I attended [MPI].

Your sessions at the PEC in New Orleans were top on several
members' "time well spent" list.


My assistant and I were at your seminar in Springfield, IL [Illinois
Society of Association Executives].  We've been excited ever since
and are getting organized so we can think out of the box and have
more time, while at the same time learn our new responsibilities. 
We have already used many of your tips and tricks. 

Gaye E. Kick
Director of Administration, ACEC-Illinois


...the session that impacted me most was Peggy Duncan’s (www.peggyduncan.com) presentation “Find Time to Lead.”
Briefly, her message was “get organized, streamline processes  and
use the right technology.

Jeffrey W. Rasco, CMP
Technology Columnist, The Meeting Professional, the official magazine
of Meeting Professionals International (March 2007)


Peggy, thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous seminar
at the Long Beach HSMAI conference. The tips you shared and your book are absolutely wonderful. It [Inbox] is looking very good and I thank
you for the best night's sleep I've had in a long while.

Sharlene Thompson, Director of Special Events
San Diego Natural History Museum

Great seminar. Fun and entertaining while to the point.
It was filled with a lot of great organizational tips.
Brooke Shannon
From Meetings Quest Conference


Recently, Peggy conducted a seminar, "Dealing Effectively with Your Email," at the HSMAI Affordable Meetings conference for meeting planners and suppliers. A total of 32 attendees completed the evaluation. 30 out of 32 rated her session as Excellent, 2 Good. In fact, she's now on rotation as one of their premiere speakers. The following are comments from the evaluations.

Great, entertaining speaker. Love her.

Great speaker. Kept it moving. Presented a lot of material and was entertaining to listen to. Funny lady! Best seminar I attended.

She is an exceptional speaker and I enjoyed her presentation. It was just what I needed.

Extremely informative!!!

Excellent speaker. More sessions like this!

Absolutely loved her. Very helpful, wealth of information.

My favorite session!

Made the entire conference worthwhile-terrific!

Best session I went to.

Speaker kept audience's interest and provided very valuable info.

Great session. Very useful, timesaver tips, should have been presented on day 1 so more people could benefit.

Great presenter, keeps persons active in audience.

Very entertaining, more time with details needed.

Way over my head. Too much info and couldn't keep up.

Great speaker. Very lively and able to keep my attention.

More time needed. Excellent presenter.

The best session of the conference. Energetic speaker.


Very useful info.

Excellent speaker. Great tips and tricks for Outlook. Time saver ideas were helpful.


Kudos from Chicago

I attended your recent session [Computer Magic] at HSMAI on Wednesday, April 11 [2007] and it was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Three of us from my company attended and we are all anxious to try the many time saving tips we picked up!
Teresa Cook, The Money Show

I cleaned out both my sent mail and my inbox THANKS TO YOU.  You are a fun and dynamic presenter and a great motivator. Your warmth is infectious. Have you presented at Meeting Professionals International? You’d be great!
Maureen Beck, Vice President, Select Meeting Sites, Inc.

Peggy, thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous seminar at the Long Beach HSMAI conference. The tips you shared and your book are absolutely wonderful. It [Inbox] is looking very good and I thank you for the best night's sleep I've had in a long while.
Sharlene Thompson, Director of Special Events, San Diego Natural History Museum


Select Kudos from Others (too many to mention them all!)

Peggy has shown me the way to take some of the stress from my workday and free up time for actual sales.
Cosandra Wheeler
Account Executive
Group Sales, Playhouse Square, Cleveland OH

It has been just over a week since your presentation at the USTA event in Atlanta, and I wanted to take some time to thank you for your professionalism and knowledge of the subjects you presented. Since I've returned, the word "Purge" has been constant in my vocabulary. I've also acted upon it as well. I really appreciate your insight and humor as it relates to the topic of making work, and life, a little bit less cluttered by becoming more organized. I hope you receive an invitation to come back to future USTA events. We will be much better for it.
Keith E. Bell
Director of Diversity & Community Development
USTA Intermountain Section

One of my staff attended MPI and specifically went to your session on my recommendation.  She said it was the best session of the conference!

Peggy you were a hit with ISES Atlanta!  I’ve gotten several emails asking when we could have you come back. Thank you so much – your presentation was amazing and you have started our new year off with a bang for ISES Atlanta – we can’t wait to have you back!
Qualena Odom-Royes, CSEP
Principal Event Planner


Peggy, I just had to write this note tonight [Freelance Forum] while your presentation was still fresh in my mind. You were fantastic! For every difficult truth, you provided humorous commentary or an anecdote to make it go down easier. You also provided this anal-retentive, "pretty organized" person several "ah-ha" moments. Although I'm sure you don't need it, please feel free to use my name if you ever need (another!) reference for your skills as a speaker.
Linda McCulloch
Design That Works Communications, Inc.



Peggy, Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar yesterday! You have motivated us to continue to strive to be the best we can be. That fits so well with our organization. I think that is what I like most about IAAP - it inspires us to not let up, to continue pressing on for our own betterment. That is exactly what you did yesterday!
Peggy Donahoo CPS, MOUS

Synthetic Industries



Peggy, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your class [Computer Magic seminar] at the NAPO conference. My only suggestion on my feedback form is that we needed more time... Thanks again for such valuable information!
Faith Manierre

Busy Bees 
Professional Organizing LLC


Peggy, thank you for helping me with the clutter and helping with the pain. I love your book [Put Time Management to Work].
Anastasia Rivers

US Virgin Islands, St. Croix



This class is the most essential class I needed in the Office Professional Certification training program at Georgia Tech. I highly recommend it and believe it deserves the status of being one of the required courses in the program. Ms. Duncan
is excellent!

Janet Myrick
Georgia Institute of Technology


Peggy gives practical ways that, if applied, will enable me to
spend my time doing things that are important - like
spending time with my grands!
Carolla Lowe
IAAP Bermuda

Hi Peggy – Since I work from my home, I cleaned and organized my home (my husband has always been great at organizing…so he took care of my closet).  Then, I organized my office, desk and cleaned out the filing cabinets…threw out a lot of “stuff”.  My computer files were pretty organized, so minor changes were made.  I prioritized my goals and work on the ones that are most important.  I’m learning to stay focused on my goals, and have said “No” to some of the things that aren’t a priority.  Currently, I’m creating processes for the things that are repetitive.  And then, I will be putting the info in Excel/Word. I’m a work in progress… and so far, the tips you shared in your Time Management session at EWomenNetwork.com are priceless…especially because you put them into steps that are easy to understand and implement.
Renate Kippen
Kippen Enterprises, Inc.

Peggy is amazing. She can change your whole way of thinking...
and thus your life... in 60 minutes flat. I came away from her
seminar [NAMME 2007 Annual Conference] with a quantum
attitude shift. She’s a powerhouse!

Carolyn McDonald

Independent Writer, Producer, Director

Greetings from Cambodia! We would like to express our sincere thanks to you for providing us a great training on the organized meeting planner... Through the training, we have been achieving tremendous success in organizing two regional workshops which we admitted it is the result of the important experiences got from the training. Moreover, we have a great time to meet with you and learn new skills, the Microsoft tips, especially we are so thankful for giving us the books with titles: Conquer Email Overload and Just Show Me Which Button to Click which are very useful for us
and all colleagues in the office.

 Ms. Sokha Thim
Centers for Disease Control, Cambodia

This seminar, whilst very informative to productive time management,
was also presented light hearted enough to capture participants interest.

 Andrea Phillips
IAAP Bermuda


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