Raving Fans

You are a sensational speaker! From beginning to end you were providing the group with valuable information for a huge life change! Purge! is the topic for the season. [Meetings Quest Atlanta 2007]
Tavia Foster Evans
Events That Speak



Peggy is a wonderful speaker, utilizing humor and honesty to make her points.
Judy Rayburn
From Meetings Quest ATL 2007


I just heard you in San Jose - you are amazing - I wish you would have talked all week.
Nova Simpson
Kaiser Permanente


MPI Houston Area Chapter's 2007 Professional Education Day was a huge success. Your presentation was the one that generated the most "buzz" and contributed to that success.
Becky Jones, CMP, CTC
Meeting & Event Planner
Shell Oil Company



...of all the speakers I had the privilege of listening to that week, you are the one who has had the most immediate impact on me. It’s Sunday and I’m biting the bullet, so to speak, coming in on a day off to get organized.
Joanna Hernandez
The New York Times


  Knowing where everything is and not having to dig for it is a phenomenal feeling. But the best part is that I don’t have to take work home anymore, and have so much more time to spend servicing my customers.
Therese Dodds
Sales, Genentech, Inc.
  The seminar yesterday was absolutely amazing.  I’ve had people calling me and sending me emails today telling me what a great time they had and how much they took away from
both sessions.

Angela Hosch
Conference Chair, International Association of Administrative Professionals (Georgia Power)


  ... inspired me to think differently about how I process and file information... She really opened my eyes about how much time gets wasted on unproductive tasks!
Kevin L McCormick
Manager, HR and Diversity Communications
DaimlerChrysler Corporation


Peggy's presentation offered more tips that I can actually use than anything else I've seen, and it only took an hour.
Michelle Lowther
National Account Manager


Peggy you were a hit with ISES Atlanta!  ...your presentation was amazing...we can’t wait to have you back!
Qualena Odom-Royes, CSEP
Principal Event Planner


  meeting professionals


Peggy Duncan  

404 492 8197 Atlanta GA
worksmart (a-t) PeggyDuncan.com

Real Skills for Real Work!



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Raving Fans


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Instead of hiring someone who researched and learned a script, hire a trainer who has actually sat with busy people for over ten years helping them figure out better ways to get things done. Hire someone who can help them examine every aspect of how they work because she's a combination professional organizer, project manager, and computer trainer.

Doesn't it make more sense to hire someone whose business is totally focused on helping busy people become more productive?

Peggy Duncan is your answer!
You'll need less speakers because of her variety of topics...all focused on working smarter. And if you want to, she's also been the only speaker...energetic all day! They're never ready to leave!

And you'll deal directly with Peggy.
She's able to negotiate her own terms.

Business Management
Spend Less Time Working but Get More Done
Find Time to Lead
Get Organized So You Can Think!
Unclutter Your Mind with Ways to Remember

Computer Magic! Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

Conquer Email Overload and Manage Time w/Outlook
Create Marketing Collateral with PowerPoint
Excel Magic! Easier Ways to Remake-Update-Navigate
PowerPoint All the Way

Shameless Self-Promotion: Do-It-Yourself SEO/Publicity
Getting Started with Videos and YouTu

The only word I can say at this moment is WOW! 
This speaker just fulfilled my ROI for being here
[MPI PEC 2007].  She saved me hours of work and agony. 
Phenomenal speaker – well organized, easy to follow, funny. 
Best speaker ever!!!

Comment from MPI PEC-NA Evaluation

For training that builds skills attendees
are demanding, call today!

404 492 8197 Eastern

Plenty of ROI because they'll figure out better ways to get things done. Help them acquire skills they can use right now! Not just a bunch of theory, buzz words, affirmations or platitudes.

Peggy also trains meeting professionals. She presents at events for AIBTM, SGMP, MPI, HSMAI, NCBMP, ISES, and Meetings Quest.

4.9 Evaluation from Meeting Professionals International's New York Chapter conference NYMIX...."It was great!" "Awesome!" "She was great!" "Give her more time." "Peggy convinced me to purge!" "LOVED her!"  

You are extremely entertaining and kept me engaged.
Just seeing how easy it is to just take
the time once and sticking to it was the information
of greatest value.
Danielle Cattan-Post

Peggy brings many tips to life in order to make you
more aware which is an important first step to organizing
yourself on a whole.

Laura Altimari

Thank you so much for starting our 20th Anniversary
off with a bang.  It was a great day and everyone had
excellent comments about your seminar.

Barbara Cox-Dunn, President
JTDunn Enterprises Inc.
Meetings Quest Tradeshows

This is my first time attending [Meetings Quest-Atlanta 2007]
and enjoyed it very much.
Peggy was OUTSTANDING. This is the BEST seminar
I've attended in my life!
LaLeeta Sweeper

Peggy is a great speaker that makes you want to pay
attention and stay involved.
Heather Blakely
Cox Ohio Publishing

[The meeting PROFESSIONAL, December 2007) Technology columnist, Jeffrey W Rasco CMP, wrote "
Peggy Duncan (www.PeggyDuncan.com) is a productivity expert and trainer based in Atlanta, and she has spoken at several industry events on taking back time. Her Web site, SUITE Minute, her award-winning blog (http://SuiteMinute.com), and book Conquer E-mail Overload and Manage Your Time with Outlook have great tips on managing e-mail and other productivity problems. Her suggestions for creating Outlook rules, managing your inbox and using the “signature” function for more than signatures are very helpful, and she has much more worth checking out. 


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