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Peggy Duncan is a personal productivity expert and is available for interviews 24/7/365. She's experienced and very comfortable with all mediums, including satellite. 


She's a former magazine columnist and Atlanta radio and TV show co-host. And she's the editor of an award-winning technology blog for solopreneurs, SuiteMinute.com.

Her energy, passion, and humor become immediately apparent, and her soothing southern accent draws people to her.



Media Spokesperson
Peggy's expertise, combined with her personality, make her the perfect media spokesperson for your company, product, or service.


Peggy is  a former spokesperson for Qwest Communications (they were looking for a time management expert who also knew end-user technology). Click here for details.


National Holidays Related to Time Management

These are excellent pitches for media stories.


Training for Journalists and Media Executives
Peggy also trains journalists and media executives in TV, radio, and print.


Media Experience


Expertise Includes




Mobile Workers

Search Engines-Productivity

Time Management

Working Solo or Virtually



Email Addiction

Email Etiquette

Email Overload

Email Pet Peeves


Other Technology
Building a YouTube Channel
Getting Started with Using Video (Vlogging)



As a business journalist, I talk with and interview many people every day. But rarely do I encounter someone who's insight has more relevance in today's business world than Peggy Duncan. She takes a no nonsense approach to efficiency and training, and has proven to be a valuable resource for my stories.

Peggy has addressed such topics as time management, organization and entrepreneurship for stories that aired on our television show the Atlanta Business Chronicle Report over the years. She's not only shared her time-saving tips and strategies with our viewers, but I'm also a much more efficient reporter and employee because of her expertise.

Crystal Edmonson
Broadcast Reporter
Atlanta Business Chronicle



You provided a goldmine of information and insights for my article on time-saving strategies, and I am sure the
readers will gain a lot from the piece.

Leslie J. Thompson

Contributing Writer, Horsesmouth.com

What an outstanding show! You made it happen.
The feedback has been fantastic!
Michael Maher
Host and Producer, BizzBuzzLive.com 



Training for Journalists
and Media Executives

In addition to being a great interview,
Peggy Duncan also trains journalists and other media professionals. She works with the National Association of Minority Media Executives; the Newspaper Association of America; Newspapers in Education; the National Association of Broadcasters; UNITY: Journalists of Color, Inc.; and Parenting Publications of America.

Please forward Peggy's portfolio (PDF)
to your training department.

Peggy, I used to ignore your sessions at conferences because I thought you would be the typical speaker on time management. Then I heard back from all of your session participants, and I kept seeing rave reviews from  the media executives who attended your sessions.
You are awesome!
Michelle Duke
Diversity Services and Development Director
National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation

...thank you for the wonderful training. I was so excited when
I got home my hubby said I was a chatty Cathy all night long!
Kelle J. Fraser
Classified Advertising Product & Marketing Manager
Cox Ohio Publishing

...knows her stuff. My eyes are now wide open!
A. Young
Cox Ohio Publishing

Nothing would be nearly eloquent enough to describe how much I've learned from you.
Kelle Fraser
Cox Ohio Publishing

This class was so helpful in teaching how to work toward efficiently utilizing my time. Peggy was energetic, informational, and entertaining.
Lisa Jorgensen
Cox Ohio Publishing

After attending Peggy Duncan's seminar at the Parenting Publications of America convention, I went back to my office and spent a few Saturdays setting up a new, organized filing system for the mound of paperwork on my desk. As an editor and manager, I'm inundated with paperwork, clippings, story ideas, resumes and invoices. Using Peggy's system to restructure my filing cabinet and habits has finally given me a clean desk.
Eve White, Editor
Charlotte Parent Magazine 


January SUCCESS magazine, "The Productivity Dilemma: To Do or Not to Do?" Do-not-do lists might be the answer to improving your time management, Chelsea Greenwood.
January MSN Lifestyle (Good Housekeeping), Daily Words of Wisdom, So stressed you could scream? This simple strategy can take you from panic to peace in a single phrase.
February Black Enterprise Magazine
May Full business profile in the Atlanta Voice.
May 6 Inc.com, How to Organize Your E-mail Inbox
June 15 Inc.com, 25 Tips for Perfecting Your E-mail Etiquette.
July 12 Good Day Atlanta on conquering email overload. Video above.


August 2 Men's Life Today, Return to Work Way Ahead of the Game, by Thomas P. Farley.
August 5 Atlanta Journal Constitution, Get your new business found on the Web, by Laura Raines. This article will also appear in Atlanta's Sunday paper on 8/15.


American Express Forum, 10 Unusual Ways to Cut Costs in the Office


American Express Forum, The Real Cost of Time Wasters along with productivity guru David Allen.

September 24

Radio, Georgia Public Broadcasting. The show is At Work - Listen to the promo. The show will center around balancing work/life, managing time well to increase productivity, and some tips on becoming web savvy.


Listen to the show live: http://www.gpb.org/radio/listen-live

Listen to the show later: http://atwork.podbean.com/

Show's blog: http://www.gpb.org/at-work/blog

Signal map. Find in your local area (Georgia) http://www.gpb.org/radio/stations. Atlanta does not have a signal but you will probably be able to hear on WABE, 88.1 FM or 90.1FM.

September 27 Mashable.com. I'm excited to get a mention on this site! My tip is under the From The Road section near the bottom. Some good tips here http://mashable.com/2010/09/27/productivity-tips/
October 26 Notesbooks.com.


October 28 VirtueRadioNetwork.com, "Ideas for Brown Baggin It,"


November 16 Atlanta Journal Constitution, "10 Ways to Manage E-mail," by Laura Raines


Ongoing Blogger for the national SCORE Website. Focus is on personal productivity and technology for women business owners running micro and small businesses.
January Black Enterprise magazine - an interview: Get Your Life in Order for '09
February SUCCESS magazine on increasing your productivity. Here is article online.
February WomenEntrepreneur.com on loving being a solopreneur.
February 6 The Washington Post, "Every Minute Counts" in Vickie Elmer's Working column.
May 5 BNET, "If Obama Can Ditch His BlackBerry, So Can You" in CC Holland's Team Taskmaster blog for CBS Interactive.
May 7 Boutique DESIGN international issue, "Business Sense: Managing Time Even When There's Not Enough of It"
June 23 ComputerWorld, "Abrupt closure of airport fast-lane program sparks concern over customer data."
July 23 CNN. Peggy appeared in a segment on having a pre-existing condition and trying to get healthcare insurance. Most excited about being allowed to ask the satellite guest a question.


Ongoing Blogger for the national SCORE Website. Focus is on personal productivity and technology for women business owners running micro and small businesses.
Feb 5 REDORBIT.com on managing technology, Managing the Matrix.
March 13 Radio interview, WLW, Cincinnati OH. Also Simulcast on XM Channel 173, www.700wlw.com
March 15 Radio interview, KQFR in South Dakota, on managing email overload.
May 7 New York Daily News on email miscommunication.
July 10 MarketWatch.com. Story on Peggy becoming a blogger for the National SCORE Website.
July New York Daily News on time management.
July 12 MSNBC, Daily Herald (and other newspapers), on creating more time, "Going dark the latest productivity 'tech'nique," written by Jean Chatsky, editor-at-large for Money magazine and the personal finance editor for NBC's TODAY Show.
July 23 BlackEnterprise.com, "Operations overload." Story on preventing business burnout.
July 25 Atlanta Journal-Constitution Jobs, "Take control of space."
July 29 Fortune Small Business, "Get a grip on your work week."
August 2 New York Daily News, "Use the off switch and get work done." Story on working without distractions...staying focused.
Sept 26 ITBusiness Canada, "Canadian firms turn to technology to improve staff productivity."



Ongoing Contributor to technology and workplace articles for Black Enterprise Magazine.
March 2007 Miami Herald on email overload.
March 2007 The Meeting Professional, MPI conference recap honorable mention.
April 2007 Small Business IMPACT, a magazine by the US Postal Service for small business owners. Article on time management with other experts, Jana Kemp, Mark Lamendola, and Peter Turla.
April 10 2007 SmartMoney.com on how business owners can run a business and take vacations.
April 15 2007 The Arizona Republic-Phoenix Sunday, business section on email
May 2007 Yahoo! HotJobs on how to take time to take vacation and not be stressed out when you return (Time Management for Your Time Off).
May 31 2007 The New York Times, article on people wasting time at work, "Time Wasted? Perhaps It’s Well Spent."
June 7 2007 MSN's CareerBuilder.com, article on email pet peeves (gaffes).
June 11 2007 Herald News, New Jersey "How to never miss your appointments."
August Black Enterprise Magazine, "E-mail me! It may be easy and fast, but make sure you manage it." (The link to article on email pet peeves that's mentioned in the magazine is above under Free Articles.)
August 19 Wall Street Journal, Sunday supplement, It's Time to Stand Up to Your Email for business people. Article will also appear on MarketWatch.com. Also quoted are other experts Julie Morgenstern, David Allen, Mike Song, and Merlin Mann.

Note: Totally misquoted in this article. I have no idea what she said I said!

November 25 ajcjobs.com, "Take Control of Time." Quoted in article with expert Greg Vetter.
December 4 Woman's World magazine. How to change your life in 10 minutes.
December 16?

Boston Globe on using a paper calendar. Peggy's opinion is that if you're in business and are busy, electronic is the way to go.

December 17 Woman's World magazine on becoming a morning person.




Articles listed on about.com's stress management site.


TV interview - Black Enterprise Magazine's Business Report, WGN in select cities.


Article on getting organized, Office Depot's eNewsletter.


Computer tips column, Administrative Assistant Update's newsletter (Canada).


Article on managing email, Black Enterprise Magazine's ezine published in conjunction with its inaugural Women of Power Summit.


Writer, article for magazine for CASE.org. The article will focus on tips for managing email.


IDEA Fitness Journal, contributor to article. The article will focus on tips for making the fitness professional's personal/work life better.  


Interview, article PINK magazine. Article on life after Corporate America. This magazine is for professional women who are not shy about their femininity.


Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Managing email overload.


Health Magazine. The article focuses on professional women and the need to get organized.


Positive Thinking Magazine. An article on getting out of the house on time.

June 28

Miami Herald newspaper, Beat the Clock.


PBS Special, Virgin Islands Affiliate, "Phenomenal Women Speak."


Men's Health Magazine, article on workplace efficiency (issue might change).


Macworld.com, article on increasing productivity by using two monitors as opposed to one large monitor. Dec 31 The Today Show Weekend Edition on managing email overload.





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