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  the time management memory jogger (TMMJ)

by Peggy Duncan

Real-world solutions without all the fluff. Concepts taken from my days at IBM until now as a consultant for small teams, workplace trainer, personal coach, and speaker on an international circuit.

Shipping now! Published by GOAL/QPC as part of their bestselling series.


Peggy Duncan at UNITY: Journalists of Color conference, July 2008, Chicago IL.


The Time Management Memory Jogger is written from experience and is based on how I help busy people change their work habits, streamline their processes, and improve how they use technology. When they do these things, more time happens. You create more time for the life you want.


Here is what's covered.

  1. Track your time to see where it's going. With a clearer picture of how you are spending your time, you will pinpoint the areas that need improvement.

  2. Organize everything around you. Disorganization causes you to waste time when you do not have seconds to spare. When you clear the clutter, you will be able to think more clearly, make better decisions, and create more effective plans.

  3. Set goals and create an action plan. If you don't know where you're going, how will you get there? You have to determine what is most important, set priorities, and then act on your decisions.

  4. Work through other time management challenges. Other time bandits you will need to examine include information overload, interruptions, and procrastination.

  5. Examine processes and streamline how you work. Instead of always doing the work the way you always have, consider a better, faster way.

  6. Reduce time spent in meetings. Too much time is wasted in meetings that do not accomplish anything. Pay more attention to how they are being conducted and make the necessary changes.

  7. Delegate as much as you can. Do you have to do everything yourself? Enlist the help of other people so you can spend sufficient time on your core activities.

  8. Discover technology that can save you even more time. Invest time in learning new technologies that you can use every day. You will finish much faster and make fewer errors.

To get work done, you actually have to work. Not just be at work, talk about work, or complain about how much work—but work. To create time for the life you want, you have to work smart.


Table of Contents (PDF)

Sample from book

5.2 x 3.7 x 0.5 inches

Fit it in your pocket or purse and read it
every chance you get!

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Hi there Peggy,

Your very own and unique innate gifts and talents, your pristine presentation, your due diligence, perseverance, your drive to seek out information, to explore and learn different processes, together with your amazing commitment to quality are those vehicles that are driving your continuing successes. Additionally, your initiatives to share with, to teach, and to assist others are to be recognized and applauded.

Personally, I was there during the genesis of that technology with which you are sufficiently familiar. I was even sought out as a consultant for and have served on many related application test/trial/beta teams in several work arenas, including but not limited to national and international government, corporate America, et al. Yet, and without fail, each and every time I come across a presentation from you, a piece of your work, I learn something new and different that I am able to incorporate into my own work commitments and into my lifestyle. Thank you for sharing.
Congratulations young lady! I look forward to getting my hands on your latest, The Time Management Memory Jogger.


Ramona Bolice Smedley
MaiOwn Computer-Assisted Services
Metro Atlanta

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